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What is the bond for?

what does that mean for me?

WHY Now?

The residents of Davis have recognized the urgency to address these district needs.  The high school is experiencing extreme structural failure and our transportation fleet is nearing the end of their operational use. The windfarms have expanded our bonding capacity absorbing a large portion of the tax load for the proposed projects making these projects more affordable to our community.

The overview

Over the past several months many community members, teachers and staff have been involved in reviewing the needs and concerns for Davis Public Schools.  Through many hours of discussion, and consideration a long term plan has been developed.  As part of our plans for capital improvements a Bond Election, in the form of two propositions, will be placed before the patrons of Davis Public Schools.  The monies approved will provide for improvements and additions to various areas in immediate need.  The funds will be directed towards improvements in the following areas:

• A new High School
• Renovations to the Elementary School and a new Library/Media Center
• New Track facility and Land
• New School Transportation Vehicles
• Purchase additional furniture and equipment
• Technology and security features

New high school

It is proposed that a new high school be constructed south of the gymnasium and east of the current high school.  The new high school is proposed to be approximately 40,000 sq/ft, with approximately 22 classrooms, an art room, a vocal music room, a library, conference room and administrative offices.  Our current high school has 14 classrooms.  Including art and vocal music rooms in the new high school, the former art and vocal rooms will provide additional classrooms for the middle school.  Additional parking for the new high school and our current gymnasium would be added with the demolition of the current high school building.

Estimated Cost:  $ 5,850,000

Elementary library & renovations

A 3,000 sq/ft library media center/computer lab addition is proposed to be attached to the front of the new elementary building.  Currently the library and computers are the only remaining programs located in the underground facility.  Bringing these rooms up to the main facility will not only make them more accessible, but they will be larger, and it will free up the underground facility solely for shelter purposes.  It is also proposed to do some exterior renovations at the old elementary facility.  Replacing old and deteriorated windows and the surrounding rotting wooden panels will provided a much needed face lift, but will also be much more energy efficient and weather resistant.

Estimated Media Center Cost:  $ 525,000
Estimated Renovations Cost: $ 100,000


We are proposing to purchase two 15 passenger vans, two suburban/SUVs, an Ag truck, a school car, 2 new buses, and to payoff 2 buses we have on lease purchase currently. We not only want to make certain that they are in safe vehicles; we would like to provide them with transportation that is comfortable and also reflects the great pride of Davis Schools.

Estimated Renovations Cost: $ 590,000


A track is proposed to be constructed near our current athletic facilities. The facility is designed to have eight lanes, a grass infield area, fencing and security lighting.  The track would not only be used by the school but also open to the community. Currently we do not have a track and our student athletes are often bused to other neighboring districts to practice.

GO VOTE on april 5th!

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